VMWare Player Installation Tutorial (Ubuntu 11.04)

Introduction to VMware Player

VMware Player is a piece of software designed to allow you to run a “guest” operating system directly inside of your existing operating system. This is great for trying out new operating systems or just testing various features. VMWare Player does this through a process known as virtualization, which in and of itself is a rather expansive topic so at this time I won’t elaborate too much on that.

Step 1

Download VMware Player. In order to download VMware player you will have to register on the site. It is free to download but they reserve the right to solicit to you.

You can download it here

Step 2

Download the proper binary for your architecture. In my case it’s x64.

Step 3

Install VMware player by doing the following in a terminal.

gksu bash VMware-Player-3.1.4-385536.x86_64.bundle

*change the filename as appropriate.

You will be prompted for your password.

Step 4

Follow the installation process , it is fairly self explanatory.

Step 5

Load up the image of whatever operating system you want to test and enjoy your new Virtual Machine.


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