Below are some Tutorials and Guides I have written.

Ubuntu Linux

Installing VMWare Player In Ubuntu 11.04
Installing Lusca on Ubuntu
Defeating port scans using iptables
Current Mod Security For Ubuntu
Installing Metasploit Framework Ubuntu 12.04 LTS
Updating to Apache 2.2.20 Ubuntu 10.04 LTS
Ubuntu 11.10 Oneiric Ocelot Desktop Security Guide
5 Minute Tor Install Guide
Installing Suricata On Ubuntu
Compiling Snort and DAQ on Ubuntu
Creating Apparmor Profiles Quickly on Ubuntu
Updating Ubuntu 10.04.3 LTS Server to Apache 2.2.20
Ubuntu Desktop Firewall Guide [Linked to a thread on Ubuntu Forums]
Installing WordPress CMS on Ubuntu
Detecting ARP Poisoning on Ubuntu with Wireshark
Installing Tripwire HIDS on Ubuntu
GRSecurity On Ubuntu

Miscellaneous Security or Linux Related Guides

Using Nmap Effectively
Creating a Honey Pot Using Artillery
Auditing IDS with Pytbull
Ubuntu NoScript Configuration Guide
Automated SQL injection with sqlmap
Brute Forcing LUKS encryption

Silly SET Tricks

Silly SET Tricks : Combining SET with Ettercap
Silly SET Tricks Part 2: Bypassing Windows AV

Metasploitable Guide

Metasploitable Guide Part 1 : Rooting Metasploitable
Metasploitable Guide Part 2 : Easy Shells
Metasploitable Guide Part 3 : Exploiting Tomcat, MySQL and TikiWiki
Metasploitable Guide Part 4 : Exploiting Distributed C Compiler and Bruteforcing Postgres SQL
Metasploitable Guide Part 5 : Nessus Bridge and Local Escalation

  1. […] blog will serve as a repository for tutorials I write, and information that I choose to share. As well as anything else I think is […]

  2. haqking says:

    nice tuts mate.

  3. dangertux says:

    Thanks for the feedback 🙂

    I try to be as complete as possible, although some of them end up sort of long lol 😛

  4. dangertux says:

    Fixed some typos in various tutorials. Trimmed out older / irrelevant tutorials. Will be updating several to encompass newer software particularly.

    — Ubuntu LAMP Server guide (needs to have apparmor profiles updated)
    — Tor / Polipo (needs updated for 11.10)
    — Aircrack? (may dump this for cowpatty or pyrit not sure, or may just redo it for 11.10)

  5. […] So here is the final chapter in the Metasploitable Guide. I was originally intending this to be a 10 part guide, but frankly if I don’t finish it today, it’s never going to get done. Ubuntu 12.04 is in Alpha stage and I’d like to spend some time putting together half decent server and desktop security guides for the new LTS, as such this needs to end here. If you’re just finding this guide and would like to start from the beginning links to the other chapters of the guide can be found here. […]

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