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Hey everyone! So today was a pretty cool day, I got a lot of work done on the next version of AuditMe which is shaping up really well in my humble opinion. There will be a major cosmetic overhaul (hey I’m not a UI designer so sue me!) and some new functionality. The latest version of AuditMe will include deeper service configuration auditing, better mandatory access control audits (thanks for the tip Carlos!) and a nifty feature incorporated from another script I discovered called checksec which is available from , that audits kernel tuning and memory protection features (ASLR, NX etc) in Linux. I’m stoked about this project and I really hope I can make this thing go somewhere. That being said if my horrid python skills are willing, it will 😉







In other news my friend is famous!

So as if I wasn’t excited about my little application (I know, it’s not some amazing new desktop environment to replace Unity but I’m having fun with it!), I found out from my friend Dan Dieterle who writes on Cyberarms and infosecisland that he was published in hakin9 IT Security Magazine.

I’m very happy for him and you all should definitely check out his blog AND the magazine article. I got a copy of it from him and it was very cool. Great job Dan!


Introducing Audit Me!

Posted: January 22, 2012 in Uncategorized
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Lately several people on Ubuntu Forums, have been wondering if there is a simple utility to audit weak system configurations. I couldn’t find one specifically tailored to Ubuntu so I hacked on up in a few hours over the weekend. Incidentally it’s become something interesting to me and a project I will probably continue for the foreseeable future.

Audit me is designed to find weak service and system configurations (or defaults) in Ubuntu. It’s targeted toward the server side of the house though I may eventually add support for desktop features like auditing of browser security.

Below are some screenshots of some of AuditMe’s features.

To find out more about AuditMe click here