I had really wanted to post something interesting today.

Posted: October 1, 2011 in Uncategorized

Unfortunately life doesn’t always work out like that. The new ATI catalyst 11.9 drivers came out and I decided hey you know, let’s give ’em a try, that was a huge mistake.

They break pretty much everything (including Firefox) under Ubuntu 11.04 and it seems Back Track 5 as well and probably others, these are just the distros I had handy to test them on. It’s days like today that make me doubt this Ubuntu thing and really long for the stability of something along the lines of Debian.

In any case, I’m not that easily swayed and after reinstalling the Catalyst 11.8 Drivers (and fixing a bunch of broken things) I am still using Ubuntu, although the Narwhal almost got dumped. Hopefully this weekend I can post something interesting. 🙂


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