10 Years Ago This Was My Operating System

Posted: September 27, 2011 in Random pontifications
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Recently I saw a post on Ubuntu Forums talking about legacy operating systems. In particular an individual had found some old Red Hat install CD’s in their home. I too had these CD’s with the manual and the whole nice boxed set. To be honest, reading the posts made me a little nostalgic. I had tried in the past to get older legacy versions running in virtual box, but they were not successful. The more I thought about it the more I wanted to revisit my old operating system. So I decided I would make it work under VMware, with a little tweaking (mostly in XFree86.conf) I ended up getting it working.

KDE 2.2

For all of those people who say Unity is ugly, I present to you KDE 2.2, which at the time looked “gorgeous”. This in retrospect is one of the ugliest desktop environments I’ve ever seen.

Kernel 2.4?

For all of you who are used to the 2.6 kernel, this thing came with kernel 2.4 yes pre iptables (it was called ipchains back then). I am honestly surprised it even worked in VMware, but am very glad it did.

Ahh Konqueror

How I missed you my faithful web browser, no tabs here ladies and gentleman. No flash, HTML5 or CSS support worth mentioning either, and only very limited javascript support :-/

I haven’t really gotten into playing with this too much recently. I just got it working properly a few minutes ago, but I just wanted to share what I was using 10 years ago, and how much Linux and open source software have improved in general over a decade. So next time you’re downing Unity, just think it COULD look like this 😉

If you are interested in playing with Red Hat 7.2 on your system I’ve put the VMware image up for download, I apologize ahead of time as the bandwidth is really low so if someone wants to make a torrent of it or something that would be awesome. It runs on VMware player, also you need to have the latest version of vmware-tools downloaded (couldn’t get GUI without them =/). If you would like to try to install it on a real system, or you’d prefer to try to set it up in vmware yourself there are also links to the iso’s I used for the install below.

Red Hat 7.2 VMware Image [2.0 GB]
Red Hat 7.2 i386 CD Images [1.2 GB Total]

Note : For the vmware image the root password is enigma, there is already a user account (redhat) set up password also enigma. You will be booted into the console, startx will start KDE.

  1. Tim says:

    A blast from the past! I have an OS/2 VM and a Windows 3.1 VM. All good fun!

  2. dangertux says:

    I was thinking of doing a new one each week, I found some old Slack iso’s I want to do — unfortunately , the latest proprietary ATI drivers have turned my laptop into a brick for the moment so not sure if I will get it done until next week sometime…Just what I wanted to do this weekend, fight with graphics drivers 😛

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