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Posted: September 22, 2011 in Random pontifications
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I’m posting this due to the strangely odd amount of attention that this particular article about Wine Security is getting.

It’s for some reason causing a large amount of controversy, everything from “Oh that doesn’t prove anything”, to “OMG LINUX ISN’T SECURE!!!”. The first thing that came to my mind is wow, I wrote this article and demonstration a few days ago out of simple curiosity and the fact is, this is nothing new. I had always assumed it would work, and simply proved it. This goes back to how I’m often stating there are a great deal of misconceptions about Linux security. Which is what it is, and honestly though I love Ubuntu, I feel the community may cater to the slightly paranoid and uninformed.

Look at the Wineserver source you can see quite plainly it can interpret Windows applications and use them to make Linux system calls. This in and of itself shows that Windows malware CAN be made to run under Wine if it wouldn’t by default. This was an amusement I did for a friday afternoon, it was not designed to be either ground breaking or earth shattering. The whole thing including write up took a little less than an hour.

The bottom line is this, if you’re serious about the security of ANY OS, Linux or otherwise the “out of the box” configuration is probably not the best. Nothing changed with this article, nothing happened a few days ago that couldn’t have happened 3 weeks before or 3 years prior to that. The only thing that actually changed was a few people’s perspectives.

While I do appreciate all the links and traffic (though I don’t run ads and make no money from this lol). I think it’s really getting blown out of proportion. Perhaps because nobody took the time to prove it and so many individuals make blanket statements like “Windows Malware can’t run on Linux”.

In any case, I’m mostly just shocked that it was “such an unknown” granted the “Linux Malware” example that gets thrown around alot is a joke.

Oh, another thing while I always appreciate feedback, can we chill out with the hate mail? I’m not a Windows spy sent to destroy Ubuntu on the eve of Windows 8, I promise.


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