Some times it’s the simplest things…

Posted: September 21, 2011 in Random pontifications
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Catering to the paranoid…

My entire career revolves around it, whether it be a CSO or paranoid individuals seeking solace in the fact that their small business network is a vertiable fortress (not really).

However, I realize : while there are those individuals who switch to Linux, BSD , Mac OS X and who knows what else to be “more secure”. I’m reminded that security is entirely a mind-set. How possibly secure can you feel if to get to this “secure environment” you gave up all of your private data?

Back up…back up…back up…

You know, I hate to be just another IT/IS guy preaching backups, but folks really. PLEASE DO THEM. It breaks my heart every time I see a post on a forum like “I wanted xyz OS so I switched and I lost all my family photos over the last 12 years…how do I fix it?” Quite simply, you might not be able to. There are a variety of tools out there, however once it’s deleted the odds of you recovering it drop significantly as hours pass.

I saw an individual who was furious on Ubuntu Forums earlier tonight, and rightfully so. A lot of people say “oh it’s user error”, and yeah, it is. Honestly, do we need to make them feel like crap? It shouldn’t be some sort of rite of passage when switching to Linux you lose all your data.

So I’m going to parrot it into the blogosphere one more time. BACK UP YOUR FILES! No, seriously do it. If you are not perfectly ok with never seeing it again you should have it stored SOMEWHERE other than your hard drive.

Yeah yeah…I know that buying a boatload of DVD-r’s and backing up your data can be a pain in the rear end. So check it out, put your data in the cloud (that almost hurt me to say). But truth is backing up family photos and the CreepyPasta you wrote probably isn’t sensitive enough for you to really worry about Cloud Security risks. I would not however suggest backing up your personal banking data in the cloud 😉

Services like Drop Box are extremely inexpensive and allow you to back up your data to a secure data center, and it is accessible from anywhere you have an internet connection. Now, obviously, you don’t have physical control over your backups. However, this in my opinion is perfect for storing personal (not private) things that are really of value to you (sentimental not monetary). You notice, I keep putting all these () in here…it’s really because “cloud security” bothers me, but honestly in this case it’s really better than losing all of your stuff.

For those of you who aren’t so lucky…

…and already lost your data I recommend the following tool.

Linux/BSD/Mac OSX/Windows – Test Disk


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